Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Larry Lardner

When I was growing up Kitty Lardner lived at the top of Old Church St. Her father Larry Lardner was a leading figure in the Athenry Irish Volunteers and the Irish Republican Brotherhood. Lately I  got a chance to view some of Larrys letters and photos from 1914 to 1920.
Letter from Michael Collins on the subject of conscription

Fictional (?) Christmas Day Menu, Lincoln Prison 1918. By all accounts Larry was involved Devs escape.

Receipt from Sean McDiarmada for monies paid
Irish Volunteers Athlone 1915, Terence McSwiney, Lord Mayor of Cork is pictured standing beside Larry. McSwiney died in prison after 74 days on hunger strike.

On hunger strike in Wormscrubs Prision May 1920 (Larry is last on the right on the second row from the front). The prisoners motto is Release or Death.

Scenes from Larrys funeral April 21 1936

Connacht Tribune article at the time.